We all know Facebook has exploded in popularity on the social media scene. I mean, even Hollywood was saturated this Academy Awards season with the film, The Social Network. And while Facebook is in the top five platforms for digital display media, there are a lot of small business that just don’t realize how easy and how impactful advertising via social ads really is.

Unlike print advertising, you can choose to spend as little or as much as you like with social ads. Similar to search engine advertising you can pay per click or per thousand impressions. The number of times your ad will be clicked on is based on a number of things such as how large your audience is and how much you bid per click. Personally, I’ve always opted for the pay per click method. When you create your social ads Facebook gives you a recommended bid strategy; lately this has ranged anywhere from $.80 to $4.00.

Social Ads Are the Perfect Solution for Many Small Businesses
Social Ads Are the Perfect Solution for Many Small Businesses

One of the largest reasons I find Facebook social ads so successful is the ability to segment what audience you want to reach out to. Some of the audience segments include age, gender, sex, interests, college background, etc. This is especially important because you’re not wasting money on reaching out to people that are outside of your target market.

Most of you probably know what social ads look like; chances are you have a Facebook account in which case you have ads served to you every time you browse. Next time you’re on Facebook take note of what kind of ads your being served and maybe even the ads that you find you’d be most likely to click on. From my experiences keeping social ads short and simple and have a small photo and/or logo to include perform the best.

As you can see there’s nothing that should keep you from trying social ads. If they don’t perform (you don’t get any clicks) you don’t pay. They’re simple to do and you can turn them on and off as needed. The only thing I wouldn’t recommend is waiting; think of all the people you’re missing out on reaching. Good luck!