From its inception in 1993, the Got Milk? advertising campaign has used hundreds of celebrities to endorse its product. From Lisa Kudrow to Ray Romano, Britney Spears to Christina Aguilera, and Michael Phelps to Oscar de la Hoya, the campaign has become an iconic advertising campaign by using public figures to enhance its message.

Created by Goodby Silverstein & Partners in 1993 to help the California Milk Processor Board increase its sales of cow’s milk in the U.S., it has evolved and become associated with all kinds of elements in our pop culture.

Below are the 5 sexiest Got Milk? ads.

1. David Beckham

The incredibly popular and sexy English football (AKA soccer) midfielder is currently playing for the Los Angeles Galaxy and the England national team. Married to Victoria Beckham (AKA Posh Spice) since 1999, the couple has constantly gained attention in all media outlets. His physique is highlighted in this Got Milk? ad.

2. Hayden Panettiere

This 19-year-old bombshell is best known for her role as the cheerleader that must be saved in NBC’s Heroes. Panettiere is also a respected singer who has recorded several songs for Disney. Her debut album, Falling Down will be released this upcoming February. She is absolutely stunning in this shattering Got Milk? ad, photographed by famed Annie Leibovitz.

Top 5 'Got Milk?' ads
Top 5 ‚Got Milk?‘ ads

3. Elizabeth Hurley

Model and actress, Elizabeth Hurley is a sex-kitten not to be reckoned with. Best known (debatable) for her roles in the Austin Powers films, she has also appeared in several other films and TV shows. She looks absolutely steamy in this 2006 Got Milk? ad.

4. Brandon Routh

Whoever said Superman doesn’t need any help to be as strong as he is, apparently didn’t see this ad. Well, maybe he doesn’t need that much help, but Brand Routh looks super in this Got Milk? ad. The 29-year-old actor is best known for his role as Superman/Clark Kent in the 2006 Superman Returns.

5. Rihanna The very sexy 20-year-old singer from Barbados has been taking the musical spotlight for the past few years with no sign of stopping. Despite gaining fame for her smash hit „Umbrella“ and others, she has also dabbled in filmography, and is very active in charitable causes, including her own Believe Foundation which helps terminally ill children. Rihanna looks great in her Got Milk? cameo.