One of the best ways to grab peoples’ attention in a crowded area or event is to give away promotional products. In a city like Chicago, which is abundant with events like trade shows, festivals, concerts, and more, there are many places and ways to use promotional products that can return a major profit if you use them right.

Here are a couple of quick tips that will save you time and money when using promotional products.

Promotional product tip #1: Remember who your target audience is.

Carefully choose which event/s to use your promotional products at. If you choose an event whose target audience isn’t similar to yours, you will be wasting your money by giving away your promo products to people who aren’t interested in your business. So, remember who your target audience is and which events they would be most likely to attend.

Best Ways To Use Promotional Products In A Large Market
Best Ways To Use Promotional Products In A Large Market

Promotional product tip #2: The days of Frisbees and stress balls are over.

Sure, Frisbees and stress balls had their moment in the promotional product spotlight, but these types of products probably wont be able to communicate much about your business. You need to choose a promotional product that has attributes that are similar to your business’ attributes and isn’t a throwaway. For example, if your business is versatile, then give away a logo-imprinted pocketknife (like the one pictured to the right from Premium Concepts Inc.). This item communicates your business’ attribute and will be continuously used, not just thrown away.

Promotional product tip #3: Be creative with your give away items. Don’t be too afraid to travel outside the norm of promotional product uses. People remember the unusual and that’s what you want them to do. Perhaps you have some extra promotional products left over from the last event. This would be the perfect opportunity to strengthen your customer’s loyalty to your business by thanking them with one of your unique promotional products.