Even though we live in an „online world“, offline advertising for your business can still be a great way to reach more people and bring them online to your business website. It’s much cheaper to run your business from the Internet in most cases, but with so many people competing for online advertising, your dollar may very well be spent better offline.

I’ve used 8×11 display ads as my main promotional tool in many newspapers, tabloids, magazines, and other text promotional items. If you use them correctly, they can be an incredible force that drives offline traffic in droves to your business website.

There are some things you need, and some things you’ll need to know before you get started with using display ads for your offline advertising efforts. Let’s talk about the things you’ll need first.

1. If you plan on designing your ad yourself, I highly recommend that you use Microsoft Publisher. Most places will accept your ad in Publisher format, and if not you can easily turn your ad into a .pdf document. All printers accept .pdf documents so this is a great way to go.

2. Besides the tool, you’ll need some creative juices in your body too. Get creative with your ad, but remember that the message you are trying to deliver is far more important than how „cool“ your ad looks. This is where your creativity will come in.

Creating Hot Display Ads for Your Offline Advertising Efforts
Creating Hot Display Ads for Your Offline Advertising Efforts

Now I also said there are things you need to know before creating a display ad for your offline advertising. I couldn’t possibly cover everything in this article, but here are the main things you need to know.

1. Make sure you are only advertising in publications that are targeted. You wouldn’t want to advertise a dog training business to cat lovers. When deciding to go offline always advertise in publications that fit your target audience.

2. You need to have a list of places that will except your ad. You can find offline publications everywhere. You can even Google industry specific publications like „hobby advertising publications“ or „wedding advertising publications“. Have a list of them before you even start creating your ad.

3. A lot of people take the „do it yourself“ approach to creating there ads, and that’s okay, but I do highly recommend that you hire a good copy writer to do your ad copy for your ad. My ads started doing much better when I started leaving the copy writing to the professionals.

What I’ve covered here is only the basics, but this is a great place to start. If all your learn from this is what tools to use to create your ad, only pay for targeted advertising, and pay for someone to write your ad copy, you’ll do well. These are probably the three most important things you can do with your offline display ad. A lot of great information can be found at Offline-Advertising-Secrets.com for those of you who want to explore this option more.

Offline advertising is a great way to get more reach in an overcrowded online advertising world. You can start today by deciding how you want to advertise your business, and then find the publications to advertise in. It’s easy, and can be fun too! I hope this guide has helped you in your understanding of offline advertising display ads.