Have you spent both time and money placing ads on the Internet, and have yet to receive any response? It’s possible you’re overlooking one of the basic points of every successful online ad campaign, especially if you’re new to either marketing or the web. Here are three quick tips to help boost your online marketing campaign when placing your ads online:

1. First, always be consistent. A single ad tossed out into cyberspace on a wing and a prayer may have been effective ten or fifteen years ago, but it just won’t work these days. (Consequently, this method is equally ineffective outside the Internet as well, which may explain any non-web-related problems with marketing.) You need to expect to run your ads for a minimum of six months; 12-18 months is an even better plan. Anything less and your business will get trampled in the wake of the thousands of similar companies behind you. Exposure is key online–the more exposure you can give your ad, the greater your chances it will generate that positive response you’ve been seeking. Place your ads consistently, and that alone will boost your campaign.

2. It’s especially important in cyberspace to target your advertisements well. Aim your ad at the type of customer you need to attract for your business. Why waste your time and effort to run an attention-grabbing ad that catches the reader’s eye when it turns out the product you’re offering doesn’t even apply to them? Determine what type of person would most likely be interested in your product or service and find those places online where that type of individual would be found. A good resource for prospective customers can be found by placing your ads in an online newsletter or e-zine publication that caters to your particular target market; in this way the research will already have been done for you, saving you time to concentrate more on your ad. (Be forewarned, however, that other companies with similar products have probably already thought of this, in which case you need to be a little creative making your ad stand out.) You can find online publications that cover pretty much any subject these days at one of the online newsletter/e-zine directories that list them for you.

Quick Tips for Improving Internet Ads
Quick Tips for Improving Internet Ads

3. Lastly, don’t forget to work your leads. Always respond to a customer’s initial inquiry for more information, and make sure to follow-up that lead with another message, usually a few days after the first contact. Consider using a free auto-responder service that will free up your time by automating the follow-up process. Keep in constant and continuous contact with your leads, but try not to harass them-know when to give them their space. Contacting them daily without first receiving some additional contact from your prospective customer is just annoying. You need to allow them time to review your info. It may be a better idea to stay in contact a little less frequently; a once-a-week message may be just the trick to keep your offer fresh in their minds, and is exactly what’s needed to close that first sale with your new customer.

Following these simple tips should help greatly improve your rate of success, and will help transform your dead online ad campaign into a great way to attract new prospects.