Mass media is an important force in everyone’s daily life. Does it influence us? Do the fact that we see ads every day on every wall or in every movie break affect us in taking decisions?

Normally, you will say it does not. Well, I say it does. How much? Probably a lot.

Although there are people who do not use to read newspapers or never watch TV, we get spammed by ads when we go to work, when we go outside, when we go to watch a game, everywhere. Big companies afford to rent space on various buildings or advertising panels on the streets in order to promote their business.

First of all, they help us make an idea about their products. This happens in the cases when we do not actually care about that type of product. If there is something we are interested in, obviously we will be influenced. Also, the spam of ads from one company means directly a rich company with a good profit. Normally, such a company would sell good quality products.

A Study in Ads
A Study in Ads

Although we never tested a product, but we are in need of something alike, most of us choose the most advertised for product. Why so? Well, first of all because it is highly mediated. Secondly, due to the mass promotion that suggests a good company. And third, because we are curious and want to test it. In many cases in which we need something new and we have never tested the products, we will obviously choose the better commercials object. We will never buy an anonymous product and reject a famous one. Advertising means quality in most of the times. Thirdly, just to try it and see what it is up to.

However, not everyone is like this. The massive spam of ads can be very annoying sometimes. In many cases, it actually is. This leads to people who would buy anything that they need, but except such an advertised product. They would prefer something cheaper and lower in quality just due to annoyance they get. The massive spam makes people feel like the companies are trying to force them buy their products. Everywhere you look, you see the same project. All the time on TV, you see the same commercials over and over again. Once it gets on your nerve, your respect for the company goes lower and due to this many people’s stubbornness comes into play and they actually refuse to buy such a product. Companies need to know when to stop or when to take it easier.

Also, an important factor is the way the commercials are created. A bad quality commercial will never attract clients. A commercial with boring wannabe texts and a lame idea is a complete waste of money. Normally, you can say how rich a company is by the way their commercials are done. Let’s take for instance the commercials created by Coca Cola, specially the winter holidays ones. They basically bring the spirit of Christmas in your home whenever you watch them.

So does the ads we see daily influence us? Yes, they do. Both in a good and a bad way.