Here is the marketing solution for businesses that will succeed in this new century. It is a based on creating a Cause Marketing relationship. By blending your product or service into a very popular cause and website, you will receive by association the support and loyalty of its supporters, which increases your bottom line (Profits).

Almost every company that supports popular causes only gets a banner or logo on a website or newsletter. – Now it is time to go far, far beyond that! Here is what to do:

1) Website & Blog: Create a customized, co-branded website and blog, similar to and connected to a higher cause that includes complete information about your business and links back to your corporate website.

2) Social Networking: This should be a Web 2.0 WordPress site that is connected to all of the social networks via an Add This Share button. And the site is easily self-managed.


3) Media: A successful and popular higher cause receives constant TV, radio and Press coverage. There are always multiple opportunities for representatives of them to be interviewed on TV, radio and Press. This creates free network media for you and your company, as well as for your cause.

4) Job Board: In this present economy and at any time, it is tremendously advantageous for a company to have a universal job board. It must include more jobs than just their own. – The millennial old proverb: “It is better to give than to receive” is essential in this new century.

Best Marketing Idea Ever!
Best Marketing Idea Ever!

5) Volunteers: It is the popular support for a higher cause that will drive new traffic to your website every day. And it also creates new volunteers who want to spread the good news. – By supplying these energetic and passionate volunteers with your fliers and posters, proudly proclaiming your support of the cause on them, it will co-brand your business with the higher cause and market your business at the same time. – And word of mouth recommendations from “regular people” are the best in the world.

6) Grassroots: The wonderful good that a popular cause does results in it being beloved. As a supporter of that cause your representatives have an open door to speak at nearly every community service club, church, and organization in your region.

7) Promotional Material: Provide the higher cause and its volunteers with templates for business cards, fliers, posters, banners, bumper stickers and post cards that include your business logo and tag line. – You save them time and money and get a multitude of free marketing in return.

8) Banner Placement: Your company banner will receive premier placement on and on the Cause’s website. – Link to that website and encourage others to do so. It will generate more traffic to that website; hence, it will drive more to yours.

9) Most Importantly: You will be affecting the lives of the people who benefit from that cause and who support it. And they will let you know how much they appreciate your recognition and support of their service by becoming ardent, loyal supporters of your business.