The use of click-throughs and banner impressions are two of the most common ways to measure and pay for online advertising use. The appeal, the number of click-throughs made and the number of click-throughs needed to make a sale or information capture can be measured in order to track the success of the marketing campaigns by webmasters. For these to be effective you need to understand how these work and how they relate to the ad campaign to invest your money wisely and to avoid scattershot marketing.

Banner Ad Campaigns

Visitors that click and a banner appear on the site are called banner impressions. Be sure to know how the banner ad campaign works by taking time to read the fine print. It is best if they charge for only one recorded impression from each unique visitor. If you have a high level of quality traffic then banner impressions may be worth investing in and an effective tool since they tend to be low cost per thousand impressions.

If they are not being of any benefit to your site then they will not be worth the price. You still have to pay for them whether they have been clicked on or not. It is not possible to measure important aspects such as how many people have looked at the banner, why they are not interested in clicking on it or what would interest them enough to click. Banner ads have such a variety of factors and are difficult to test, much more than those of text ads. This makes it challenging finding the best advertising scheme.

How to Use Banner Ads and Pay-Per-Clicks to Measure and Pay for Your Internet Advertising
How to Use Banner Ads and Pay-Per-Clicks to Measure and Pay for Your Internet Advertising

What Click-Throughs Tell You

Of the banner impressions that you have bought, a very small percentage are click-throughs. To monitor how much you spend on conversions track the click-through percentage and the converted click- throughs. If the percentage is too low using banner impressions it may be more advantageous to use pay-per-click.

Look at the click-through rates for your marketing campaign and if they are unacceptably low there are a couple of issues that may be causing the problem. Your banner ad must be appealing to the visitors and needs to convey the benefit of clicking on your ad. Perhaps you are targeting the wrong audience with the banner impression or maybe the banner impression is set up wrong and inadvertently being sent to a different market than you intended. The average usually is about 10% but one can always improve and set a goal for 100%. Just keep working towards satisfactory results by trying new things.

The point to remember here is the importance of a clear message on your banner ad about what you offer on your site. If the message is vague or the site is problematic you will have low conversion rates (Visitors completing the action prompted on the site by your information) even with a high percentage of clicks through rates. This may be because of poor messaging for your market; an unusable site or the product price is too high. Remember conversions are the goal and even if you have a high volume of click-throughs they are no good to you without converts.