Fresh entrants in the area of online earning would use their blogs for ad networks and make money out of it. However, a lot of them fail to come up with a satisfying amount of money by simply putting out these ads. Besides the apparent lack of traffic, there are many details that newbies miss out on. Others make errors during the process of placing these ads or while they are registering their accounts.

Knowing this, as well as some other common mistakes, made will help you make most out of your blog ads. True, you might not generate a thousand dollars a day, but you might just get more unique viewers or visitors.

Think of Keywords. When registering for an ad account, put in as many keywords as you can think of. A lot of newbie bloggers would complain about not having ads appear in their ad section. Be very sure that you select the proper categories and input as much related keywords as you can when creating your ads area.

Position Ads on Each Page. A study conducted by says about 55% of internet users view more than 1 page during each visit. So it would be wise to put more ads in each page of your blog site to encourage visitors and have more opportunity to get clicks.

How to Make the Most Out of Your Ads
How to Make the Most Out of Your Ads

Putting Ads adjacent to the Top Scroll. Putting your ads as high as possible and without having your visitor scrolling up or down will maximize your earning potentials. You may be losing more clicks when you put these your ads at the bottom as visitors will not be able to see them when they don’t scroll down.

Appropriate Ads Size. Finding appropriate sizes for your ads can help in generating more income for your site. Banner ads of about 480×60 can be placed simply above your posts. This size is very common and can fit most templates. Another is 720×90 sized banner ads. These kind of ads may be placed just below your banner. However, this kind of ad size is only applicable to some templates.

You can also opt to place ads on your sidebar. But you have to keep in mind that your ad zone should be as high as possible. 336×280 and 160×600 are some example of these ad sizes.

Choosing the Right Ad Size. Realize that putting some ads wrongly will not benefit you even if there are clicks – this applies most specially with the 720×90 and 480×60 banner ads. Many newbies put them in the wrong places and therefore get nothing out of them. Only when you put the right ad sizes at the right places do you start to get earning from ads.