Classifieds sites have become some of the largest places for businesses to put up ads recently. You can expand your business easily by posting in the city page of your classifieds site. However, many national companies have tried to post across multiple cities and have found that their ads have been taken down. The reason they have been taken down is that there are a lot of spammers on these sites and mass posting is generally seen as spam.

Below I will outline a technique for mass posting to classified ad sites which will ensure that your ad stays live and is not considered spam and removed.

One of the easiest ways to make sure that your ads stick on whichever classified ads site that you use is to use unique titles and content. There are many spammers on these classified sites and as such the sites may flag your ads automatically due to similar content in your ads. So if you want to post in 50 cities you should have 50 variations of your ad. These variations include both the ad titles as well as the ad content. By having many variations the spam bots will see that you are a legitimate business trying to post across multiple cities, and will not take down your ad.

How to Mass Post Ads to Classified Sites Without Getting Them Removed
How to Mass Post Ads to Classified Sites Without Getting Them Removed

Another problem for national companies that wish to post across many cities on a classified ad site is that their ads get ghosted. Ghosting happens when the same IP posts to many different cities. What ghosting means is that your ad seems like it’s live but actually did not go through. The best workaround for ghosted ads is to change your IP every time you post a different ad. You should also use different e-mail accounts as well as different phone verified accounts to make sure that your ads remain live.

Another problem with posting in many cities is that individuals may flag your ad. I recommend that if you are serious about your classified ad marketing efforts, that you invest in software that will allow you to automatically repost your ad once it is flag and removed.

Overall, classified ad sites can help grow your business substantially if you know how to post properly. By constantly changing your content, title, IP, and e-mail you will make sure that your ads stay live and will not be removed. Live ads mean more responses, and more reponses mean more money for your business.