Maybe we will see the light of day after all this coming winter. The reputation the president waining, The Dow’s momentum completely drained by wasted stimulus, faith in the dollar no longer recognized by the people who use it, and a sense of real doom constructing to an explosive day in the lives of some many who don’t know its coming. How could the Republicans possibly endorse the long term policy of slashing social welfare programs while more than 75% of their voters, supporters, and constituents are on Medicare, Medicaid, and social security that favor the older generations that even bother to keep on voting! How can we possibly expand on GDP and AAA credit ratings while the all private sector workers wages by hourly, weekly, monthly, and yearly are declining by 25% annually an continuing to rise. Wealth is the hard labor intensive trades, the manufacturing of durable goods, vertical integration in the agrarian sector of the economy, and the basic worth ethic of judging all workers by their abilities in the work place clear and shut.

Paper inked based related assets promising the coming payment of the standard of stored value isn’t coming any sooner or later then we thought, and implying that bonds will go on default and stock ratings will drop within in weeks. The Feds will need to store all goods and promised services for the long term future to fund mandatory education, war, terrorism expansion, security systems, private security forces to reduce US troop involvement, and of course pay for the politicians dinners. Currencies, bonds, stocks, mortgages, CD’s , and securities are no longer viable options in increasing our savings due to there value is based on peoples faith and speculation. Printing takes nothing, mining takes years, blood, sweat, tears, heavy duty industrial machinery, and it takes heed to histories past success with the shiny metals.

What’s the deal behind boosting the amount of surplus/excess liquidity in capital markets when at the same time you compromise loosing, the value of its status, faith in its purchasing power, and whatever school of capitalism you were educated in your suppose to let the economy bust. Bust is just a natural cycle in correcting fraud, Mal-investment, solving debt problems, and keeps government temptation from nationalizing companies to expand their budget deficits. Systemic risk, capital injections, moral hazard, all of those originate from Chicago economics or more or less crony capitalism.

The Libertarians Market Strategy
The Libertarians Market Strategy

Regardless of the amount of years of schooling in the hope of possessing a certification, a diploma, or a degree in the hope of succeeding in life. Does it really pay off to pass the time like that? If you have the pure motivation mixed with persistence, fortitude, and improvise in your trade or whatever work you posses then are you free from societies conventional rules of succeeding by mere association. Keynesian economics don’t support the long life of international corporations in the long term, and only exercising fiscal discipline which the Austrian school of economics exhibits continually with firms that take unprecedented risks in the line of heavy government regulations. Theories that are crucial to understand the predicament we are surrounded by are the blades of grass which implies inflation, the broken window theory demonstrating how to employment works, and the two doctors fable on how they treated the patient (the economy).

The patient is the economy on a binge of eating more and more cash by the hour. But while a terminally ill obese man who is a victim of not just sloth but a slave to the over nourishment of every food in the pyramid, is but a ticking time bomb awaiting is body to regulate the effects of his over indulgence. So doctor Mises prescribes that he should continue exercise, get more sleep, and endure a period of suffering to acquire long term stable health again once he is back to his once average size.

But Dr. Keynesian says he shouldn’t worry of the long term effects of his condition, and says to quell the patients agony to keep on eating to stave off his bouts of hunger. Though unbeknown to the patient that his arteries will collapse on his only so strong heart and in the end will cause a massive stroke leading to the big heart attack. Due to the strong addictive addiction the man had he took Mr Keynesian’s advice, and kept on eating while only committing to brief exercises. The patient story is a perfect analogy to immolate the cause and effect cycles the policies of Keynesian’s and Chicago’s school have on a capitalist economy. Take care my friends, and diversify your portfolio on gold, silver, tobacco, canned foods, and cold hard cash.