I for one am sick and tired of the volume of TV advertising being so much louder than my regular programming. The advertisers and TV and cable stations know they do not need to yell at us for us to not watch their ads. I mute the TV most times ad start playing. I hate to talk bad of the dead but Billy Mays not only was louder but screamed his ads at me. I do not like being screamed at even more than I can put up with the louder volume of the ads themselves.

I remember back in I think 1978 selling from a catalog as a side job seeing a television from Sharp advertised as a Smart TV with the same volume on every channel even during ads. So nice to think I could set my volume and leave it there unless I wanted it louder. I did not purchase one of these miracle TVs then and because of circumstances I never did get to buy Sharp’s Smart TV. Well in searching for the Smart TV later on I learned it was no longer available. This I can only guess was because advertisers, Cable and TV stations put enough pressure on or paid enough to get Sharp to drop that product from their line of TVs. Remember in 1978 Sharp was not a big company name in the USA market.

Volume of TV Ads

So aggravating is it to watch television late at night, or any time when you do not want to disturb anyone and advertisements come on so much louder than your program. And although I try I always feel as if I am bothering them. And I have to admit not only ads are louder but in a movie or other program voices might be low then the music starts loud as hell disturbing me as well as the rest of household. But those ads are always only a few short minutes away.

Every 8 to 10 minutes something is advertised louder than regular programming. I can depend on it because very seldom is an ad softer than or equal to my program’s volume. Why is a mystery to me, does it make you ready to scream? Can you make a guess as to why advertisers still in the 21 century make every ad loud. This problem is a pet peeve of mine, and if I could or really wanted to watch only premium cable channels where ads are only after the regular programming I might be a little happier then. Maybe I just get pissed off at nothing, but its been going on for as long as I can remember watching TV and its time for it to stop.