What is a good ad? A good ad presents offers that are sensitive to the prospects wants and needs. A good ad is able to persuade, and convince prospects to take action now.

A good ad is also a blend of verbiage and visual inspiration that attracts the prospects. A good ad grabs prospects attention, and leads them exactly where you want them to go.

Writing an ad may seem simple, but it really is not. It requires study, and strategies. In today’s world we are surrounded by ads everywhere, and it is more and more difficult to be original, but if you follow some simple rules that many people do not follow, you will stand out and attract your consumers whenever you want to.

Before you start writing your ad you need to look at 3 different aspects of advertising. Define the kinds of people who would be interested by your product. Think of why
prospects would want to take action. Consider their perceptions, desires and needs. Define what you want people do after seeing your ad. Do you want them to pick up the phone, ask for more information, tell a friend?

It is very important that you write your ad with these 3 steps in mind. If you don’t you will be like any other ad out there that is aiming at everyone, but not targeting anyone.

The first thing visitors see in ads, and sometimes the only thing they see, is the headline. The headline must be convincing, and attractive
enough to make the visitors want to read more.

How to Create Ads that Work
How to Create Ads that Work

Here are 3components you need to include in your headline.

1) Your headline should include a question or a statement that your visitors can relate to.
2) Give your visitors a prelude to what your product or service is about; telling them that if they don’t know about this they may be losing out.
3) Provide a benefit by telling them what they can expect from your product.

The body of your ad needs to be visually appealing, not crowded or confusing, but spacious, and clear with short paragraphs to the point. Make sure there is no doubt on what you are selling, so you won’t distract your prospect from the ad’s purpose. Have you ever seen a commercial on TV, interesting enough, but you couldn’t pinpoint what the commercial was trying to sell? If that happens to your written ad there is very little chance that people will call you up to ask you about what you are are selling. They will just go to the next. By eliminating any doubt about what you are selling you will save yourself a great deal of time and money.

There is always room for innovation, and imagination in writing ads, but the main purpose of an ad is to ask a question, provide an answer or a solution, and convey a benefit.

Look for an attention-getting good idea, capable of conveying the benefit you promise, and appealing to your target market.