Many people are looking for a way to sell the items they do not need or want anymore. This is a great way to make a little extra money and eliminate some of the clutter in your life. One of the great places to do this is Craigslist. First of all, Craigslist is absolutely free. Second it is fairly easy to post an advertisement for most things. However there are some restrictions to the items that you can post. You can find a list of Prohibited Items by clicking the link.

The first step to posting an advertisement on Craigslist is to find the area where you live. You will need to go to the website: This will bring you to a page where you can select the city you either reside in or the one closest to you. It is organized by state for the United States. So all you need to do is locate and click on the city you would like to post in. For example, I live in Eufaula, Oklahoma. There is not an option for my city, therefore I will post in Tulsa because it is the closest city to me.

Once you have clicked on your city, you will be directed to the main site for the city you chose. You will notice that there is a link in the upper left corner that says “Post to Classifieds”. Select the link and you will be taken to a page that asks you what kind of ad you would like to post. Select “For Sale” and you are then taken to a category page. You will need to select the category that best fits your item. If you post in the wrong category someone will most likely flag your post for removal. Once you have selected the proper category you will be taken to the page for the post creation.

How to Place an Advertisement on Craigslist
How to Place an Advertisement on Craigslist

You will need to fill in all the spaces. You can title your ad, post a price, and even a specific location. You will need to put an email address and retype it to verify it is correct. You can choose the privacy of your email address also. You can then add a description of your item. When you are satisfied with your description you will then click continue. Then you will be able to add photos of your item if you like. You can include up to 8 photos. If you would like to add a photo just click on browse, select the image you like and then allow it to upload. You will see it below the “Add Image” box. You can then click “Done with Images”.

After you have completed that step you will be taken to a page with a preview of your newly placed advertisement. The page will prompt you to check your email address you typed and confirm your advertisement. You can choose to edit the text of your advertisement or the images you included. If you click continue it will take you to a page that prompts you again that you must verify your email address. When you verify your email address your advertisement is posted and ready to go.

I have used Craigslist many times to post events or items for sale. For safety reasons I suggest the following: do not post your phone number, use a new email account specifically for Craigslist, and always meet in a public place with the buyer. Craigslist is completely free to sell items on, but always remember to be safe. Is uggest not publishing your phone number because I actually have had many people text or call me in the middle of the night. I confronted one person about it and told him that I didn’t appreciate him contacting me at 2:00 a.m.. It was a young man who should of been in high school, but for some reason was not. He was very rude to me. People do not always follow good etiquette, especially when they don’t understand that you have a job to get up to in the morning. I suggest using a separate email account because sometimes people will contact you with offers for other things even if you click the box asking for them to not contact you. Also if you reply to an email from someone, they will then have your actual email address, not the generic one that Craigslist generates. I also suggest to meet in a public place because you really never know who you are meeting. There are many good people out there, but there are also some bad ones that might want to hurt you or rob you. These are just a few words of advise, not meant to scare anyone.