Banner ads come in two varieties: the ones that drive traffic, and the ones that don’t. As a professional web developer and internet marketer, I know that you need an effective banner if you’re going to be using your website to sell products or attract new visitors. A great deal of your new customers will come to you through your banner advertising, and it is only by creating an inviting banner that you will be able to get consistent traffic time and time again.

The first thing you need to have on your banner, no matter what else you do, is insert a „call to action“ phrase. This means that you banner needs to tell the visitor what to do, in other words, a sentence like „click here“ or „click to visit my site“ is of absolute importance. Without that, many computer novices might overlook your banner all together.

Secondly, your banner has to capture the user’s attention. Do this with a simple animation, perhaps a slow blink effect or a overwriting effect. Do not create a static banner, because those tend to fade into the background. If you create a banner that shakes and jiggles too much, nobody will want to look at your banner, much less visit your website. A slow, steady, and simple animation, with the call to action phase very prevalent, works very well to drive traffic.

Tips on Designing Banner Ads that Work
Tips on Designing Banner Ads that Work

Also consider colors. You want your banner to reflect any branding colors or colors on your website. Thus, if your site is primarily red and brown, then your banner should also be red and brown. By mismatching your colors from your website, you are going to get a lot of visitors who think they’ve been taken to the wrong website, and are likely to click off before reading anything.

You then need to look at the text of your ad. Pictures only do not convey the same message as text, and often lack the power and panache of a well-written, one line blurb on a banner. Don’t make an outlandish claim, or else visitors will ignore you. A special sale or a special offer for people visiting through your banner is a very effective way to make sure that visitors will click through to your ad. „Learn more“ is a popular message for generic sites that aren’t pushing a special sale, and you can combine this with your call to action phrase in a sentence such as „Learn more about the best way to … by clicking here.“

If you need to create a banner ad, one of the best programs around is called Banner Maker Pro. This program will animate banners, add effects, and can insert shapes, text and pictures easily.