Found those Jasmine Fiore Playboy pictures yet? Jasmine Fiore’s Playboy pictures are probably with the Gina Carano and Erin Andrews Playboy pictures. And while those pictures are impossible to find, there are plenty of Jasmine Fiore swimsuit model pictures on the internet. There are even a few montage videos. But possibly the strangest, eeriest, and most intriguing thing about Jasmine Fiore isn’t her elusive Playboy pictures but the video for the ad she starred in for Party Line.

The ad, which has been posted by TMZ, is still running, even though one of the beautiful „Yea Girls“ in it is none other than the murdered wife of reality TV star Ryan Jenkins, who is currently being sought in connection to the former swimsuit model’s death. Jasmine Fiore has a speaking part at the end of the advertisement run by Party Line. And while lines like „24/7 Talk Live“ appear on the screen, a very alive Jasmine Fiore talks animatedly on the phone in several small scenes and entices viewers to call at the end of the ad. A narrator breathily implores viewers to call for the „hottest, most intimate conversation“ with a „Yes Girl.“ She narrator suggests that the viewer will have fun (tonight. Must be 18).

Jasmine Fiore has been dead since at least early Saturday morning, perhaps Friday night. She was not identified until Tuesday, when Los Angeles Police Department detectives working on a missing person case filed by Jasmine Fiore’s husband, reality TV star Ryan Jenkins, put two and two together with the description of a Jane Doe found stuffed inside a suitcase inside a dumpster in Buena Park.

Jasmine Fiore Playboy: Esque TV Ads Still Run, Eerily Promising "Live" Conversation
Jasmine Fiore Playboy: Esque TV Ads Still Run, Eerily Promising „Live“ Conversation

Of course, identification had been made more difficult by the killer’s removal of the fingers and teeth of the victim. The once beautiful swimsuit model body had not only been mutilated but the life strangled out of it as well. Buena Park Police were granted a warrant for the arrest of Ryan Jenkins, recent star of reality TV shows „Megan Wants A Millionaire“ and „I Love Money,“ when he failed to come in for questioning when he was a „person of interest.“ Other aspects of the investigation suggested that he was a suspect in her murder.

TMZ tells us that the advertisement is still running. When pitchman Billy Mays died, several of his commercials were still running and some thought it was a tad eerie. However, Billy Mays was not murdered and he does not suggest in them that he will be available for a „chat“ or that the viewer can have an intimate conversation with „wild singles like me.“ Unlike the Billy Mays commercials that are still airing (and a couple more that will air in the future that are in post-production), this ad is somewhat macabre in that it suggests that a brutally murdered individual depicted in the commercial is promising to have a good time with someone, is willing to get „intimate“ with a caller.

The Jasmine Fiore ad is a terrible reminder of a once living, vibrant human being and cannot be easy for her family and friends to watch. But what makes the ad even more difficult to watch (for anyone familiar with the murder and its details) is knowing that Jasmine Fiore’s teeth were removed at the time of her death (probably to slow identification). Watching her speak in the ad, listening to her talk about chatting with a potenital caller, and knowing that the murderer violated her mouth by removing all of her teeth simply reinforces the fact that she will never speak again. And although teeth are not needed for vocalization, her beautiful smile insists that they are were a necessary part of Jasmine Fiore.

Just as VH1 decided to cancel „Megan Wants A Millionaire“ because of its connection to the deceased (reality TV contestant Ryan Jenkins was still in the running on the show when Jasmine Fiore was killed), so should Party Line pull its „Yes Girls“ ad.

As for the Jasmine Fiore Playboy pictures, they do not exist. Just like the unfortunate beautiful young woman in those television ads.